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Wearing someone else’s glasses will not harm your vision. You can experience headaches as a result of eye pressure and fatigue if you wear them for a prolonged period of time, but there is no long-term damage.


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In 2002, we defined ourselves as a corporation to reflect our esteemed customers. Our capabilities are tailored to the standards that our technical team needs to satisfy our customers, but we do have qualified and knowledgeable employees.


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Cheaper glasses block harmful UV rays just as well as more expensive ones, but since they are tailored to the individual wearer, the more expensive, prescribed glasses appear to have better protective technologies.

More About Lens

Nearsightedness generally requires the use of convex lenses. By bending the light towards its lens’ top and bottom, they drive the focal point closer to the retina. The shape and weight of the lens influence which vision problems they are particularly suited to. The lens’s intensity indicates how much the lens bends light. The power is measured in diopters. A lens may be round, compound, or cylin in shape.